The state BJP on Tuesday accused chief minister Mamata Banerjee of practicing double standard by projecting herself as a standard bearer in democracy in Karnataka while she has murdered democracy in the West Bengal.

State BJP’s women wing president Locket Chatterjee said that post-poll terror had been unleashed by the TMC and BJP activists are being driven out of their homes after they successfully fought against the TMC in the panchayat poll.

“Miss Banerjee is going to attend swearing-in ceremony in Bengaluru at a time when more than 33 persons were killed in pre and post panchayat poll violence and she is emphasising that she is protector of the democracy,” stateBJP women wing president, Locket Chatterjee said.

She also alleged that BJP activists are staying away from their home following TMC backed miscreants’ threat against them.

“Around 200 BJP party workers and their family members took shelter inside a charitable dwelling in the Jharkhand. They were residents of Malda, and escaped the attack of the TMC backed goons and fearing to return back as police did not take any initiative for their safe return. Several others persons took shelter inside the district BJP headquarters to save themselves from the attack by the TMC backed miscreants,” Locket said.

She also said that chief minister Mamata Banerjee had dest royed the democracy in the state by snatching the basic rights of the people even did not allow them to cast their vote for panchayat election.

“Miss Banerjee in front of people poses herself that she is fond of democracy but in reality she is a destroyer of democracy, likes to ignore to give people and Opposition their democratic rights,” she said.

Saffron brigade leader also said that the TMC supremo is ultimately admitting that the BJP is the main rival political party in the state so TMC backed goons were asked to oust the BJP party workers from the state.

BJP women wing president also alleged that BJP workers who are staying away from their residents following the life bid on them by the TMC backed goons, are suffering mental depression and they have no security.

The state BJP woman leader also said that the state administration under CM Mamata Banerjee provided shelter, several persons, from Rohingya in this state and even those people are being given voters’ ID cards.

“Those people are being engaged in criminal activities for the political benefit of the TMC this will ultimately affect the state and anti-national activities will be increased here,” she said.

TMC backed Miscreants are also allegedly preventing the BJP winning candidates to get their victory certificates from the BDO offices. “BJP winning candidates were threatened by local TMC leaders to join their party immediately else their women family members will face dire consequences. So women along with male members left their homes to prevent attack on them” said Locket.