The district administration continued culling operations for the second day and 450 birds were disposed in the wake of avian flu in slums of Sandhkuda and Badapadia here.

A team of community medicine department officers from the Central government headed by Leena Bandopadhya visited Sandhkuda, Badapadia and surrounding areas of Paradip Municipality.

They also interacted with district administration, officials of veterinary department, health personnel, and officials of Paradip Municipality.

In view of the highly contagious bird flu, the administration advised locals not to consume chicken in Badapadia and Sandhakuda areas of Paradip.The administration has directed the poultry farms within one km radius of the epicentre of the outbreak not to purchase or sell birds and eggs.

Besides, the people living in Paradip Municipality limits and nearby villages and slums have been asked to refrain from taking meat and eggs of chickens and ducks.

During visit, team has detected those teams which have been pressed into service for disposal or burying of culling hens are not digging the hole deeply or properly so there is possibility of infection.

During culling operation, cordon should be created to restrict the entry the people at the culling site to avoid infection. Teams were culling the hens in the presence of local people so central advised administration to restrict the entry of local people during culling operation.

They pointed out that the personnel who have been pressed in rapid response team should be used mask and to adopt other safety measures during culling operation.

Later, the team also visited affected Sandhkuda and Badapadia areas and created awareness among the people about bird flu, how to avoid infections and the suggested cure for the symptom.

Collector Mr Sachidananada Sahoo informed on Monday, 450 chickens have been culled within one kms of affected areas and 566 eggs have been destroyed in Paradip Municipality area. Steps have been taken to keep the health employees isolation and medication and instruction has been given to dig about 3 meters of hole for burying the culling health’ – he added.