Odisha government has decided to try and conduct 20,000 COVID 19 tests per day during August. Presently the number of tests per day average about 11,000.

It may be noted that two months ago the government had set a target of 15,000 tests per day but strangely had scaled down tests to less than 4000 per day during the month of June.

In July it evidently realised the mistake and ramped up tests to achieve 8000 to 11000 tests per day resulting in a nearly three fold increase in number of positive cases.

Another development today was the launch of a mobile sample collection van in Bhubaneswar. The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) launched the service to carry out swab collection. The customized mobile testing van, carrying lab technicians, will collect swab samples from elderly people, senior citizens or those having serious health issues and having difficulties in mobility.

The van will also be sent to different places such as bus stands, railway stations, airports and interior areas in the city for sample collection. The two lab technicians in the van may simultaneously collect the samples of two persons while maintaining a safe distance.

Those undergoing tests would have to furnish all their particulars, including mobile numbers, Aadhar numbers, address etc before collection of samples, said BMC officials.