A midnight exercise of Jaipur Municipal Corporation against a city hotel for improper disposal of waste gave birth to rumor of cow meat being sold at the hotel.

Municipal corporation had came in action after locals complained that the hotel has been dumping meat waste on roadside however following the rumor  hundreds of self proclaimed cow lovers (Gau Rakshaks) gathered outside the hotel.

Amid the confusion samples of the meat confiscated from the hotel will now be tested at forensic laboratory and two of the hotel representatives were held for disrupting peace..  

Beef has been a sensitive issue in the Hindu dominated locality and even the state law prohibit trade and consumption of cow meet.

Yet the BJP lead board of municipal corporation and its mayor is also being alleged for mishandling the situation. A local councilor, Nirmala Sharma had led the corporation officials during action against the hotel while mayor Ashok Lahoti from his social media handle initially alleged that the hotel was selling beef. 

The hotel industry representatives and social activists meanwhile have raised objection on the incident, "The municipal corporation had taken action on grounds that the hotel do not have a license, however it has been the municipal corporation that has not been providing the due licenses. The action taken against the hotel is unfair" said Gajendra Luniwal of Hotel association of Jaipur. 

Representatives of the hotel, social organisation and minority groups also met the city police commissioner on Monday regarding the incident. They rejected the allegations of selling beef and indicated to take action against those spreading rumor