The rage of Covid-19’s second wave in the country is turning out to be extremely contagious. The healthcare workers, who are at the helm of the pandemic are again subjected to the Covid-19 infection, despite taking the vaccines against it.

After Lucknow’s King George’s Medical University (KGMU), Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi has witnessed as many as 37 doctors who have turned positive, hospital sources told The Statesman. The majority of them have received full doses regimen of Covid-19 vaccines while all of them have got at least a primer dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, sources added.

However, only a few have been hospitalised while the majority have only exhibited mild symptoms of the viral disease.

“Serving the covid patients at  Sir Ganga Ram Hospital 37 doctors of the hospital have tested positive for COVID-19. The majority of them have mild symptoms like mild fever, weakness etc. 32 doctors are in home isolation and 5 are admitted in the hospital,” a senior official of the hospital confirmed.

A day ago, as many as 40 doctors, including Vice-Chancellor (VC) at KGMU tested positive for the Covid-19 despite getting vaccinated against the disease. According to the details, the VC was administered the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine on March 25, yet he has now tested positive for COVID-19 for the second time since August last year.

However, as per the experts, the phenomena is not worrying since the vaccines would prevent the doctors from aggravating their disease into severity.

“The vaccines don’t guarantee that its receiver will not contract the infection. At a time when the infectivity of the virus has intensified and more and more people are getting the Covid-19 with increased hospitalization, the healthcare workers are safe. However, the vaccine would prevent the beneficiaries from getting a severe form of the disease as well as mortality,” Dr Neeraj Nischal, assistant professor, internal medicine, AIIMS Delhi, told The Statesman.

The management in Gangaram Hospital is worried as a large chunk of their doctors will not be present in the hospital for many days clinically to supervise the patients there.