Ed-tech 'Halp.co' enters India with 1:1 study abroad platform

Ed-tech giant Halp.co enters India with 1:1 study abroad platform

Halp in india

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One of the biggest tech-enabled college admissions coaching platforms in the world, Halp, has announced its arrival into India to help kids who want to study abroad.

The tech-ed has opened offices in Mumbai, Delhi, and Punjab to serve the Indian education market. Halp is supported by US tennis legend Serena Williams. With its free end-to-end coaching support and 1:1 digital help strategy, The company has already earned the trust of many students around the world.

Along with admissions counselling, the platform coaches offer the students complete support in establishing a new life in the foreign nation, helping them with everything from flights to phone plans to bank accounts to housing to VISAs and everything else they require to begin their study there.


“We want students to save their money so they can afford to study abroad at their desired institution. We are the only company offering premium, end-to-end coaching for free”, said Matthew McLellan, Co-founder & CEO, Halp.

“We work with an approach that builds students’ trust in Halp. Our coaches are not incentivized based on where students get placed, i.e. they will not force students towards the highest commission universities or colleges. This is important as most agents are driven by commissions, which create unpleasant experiences for the students. This allows us to be a trusted advisor on foreign education”, informed McLellan.

He further continued by saying that from the free sign-up stage through the start of college, Halp supports each student and provides 1:1 attention at every turn.

Students are immersed in the customs, realities, and cultures of each of our study abroad destinations. This equips students with the knowledge they need to feel more at ease leaving their homes and increase their chances of succeeding overseas.

Students can apply to more than 15,000 programmes in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia; they can study their selected subject at the best university in the country of their choice.