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Buying Gold Online Explained in 3 easy steps

So, how can you shop smartly while saving some money and buying a genuine ornament?

Sounava Ray Sarkar | New Delhi |

Despite several online offers, a majority of people across India prefer buying gold directly from the offline stores. The reason is simple, these masses are not sure about the quality of the product they would get on an online purchase.

So, how can you shop smartly while saving some money and buying a genuine ornament? With the following points, you can judge and check the purity of the gold.

  • The BIS Mark: Bureau of Indian Standards or commonly known as BIS is the only government-approved agency that ensures the purity of the gold item. Any jewellery approved by BIS will bear its logo.

There are some jewelers that put their in-house logo on the item, don’t be fooled by them and check the hallmarks properly.

Usually, hallmarked pieces of jewellery are charged with Rs 35 along with taxes per gold item (As per the data from BIS website).

  • Purity Levels: 24Karat gold is the purest form of gold. But it is too soft to make an ornament. Therefore, some other metals are added into gold to form jewellery pieces.

As per the official standards approved by the BIS, the gold ornament is hallmarked in three categories or Karats (K)—22K; 18K and 14K.

The purity levels are also hallmarked on the ornament.

  • Assaying centre: Labs that check the purity levels of gold is approved by the BIS. Therefore, they are also required to put their markings i.e. logo on the jewelley. You can visit BIS website and crosscheck whether the lab falls under BIS or not.


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