Air travel is to become bit costlier in the coming days. According to an official document, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has planned to hike the aviation security fee (ASF) from Rs 130 to Rs 150. This will be done for each Indian passenger from July 1 after which air travel will become costlier.

As far as the international passengers are concerned, the ASF will be witnessing increase from 3.25 USD to 4.85 USD.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation order dated June 7 said, “The ASF for domestic passengers will be levied at the rate of Rs 150 per embarking passenger.”

The order said that the ASF for international passengers would be levied at the rate of USD 4.85 or equivalent Indian rupees per embarking passenger. The ASF would replace the PSF (SC), which stands of passenger service fee (security component).

“The above rates of the ASF will be applicable with effect from 00.01 Hrs of 01.07.2019 and will replace the PSF (SC) which was being charged so far at the rate of Rs. 130 per embarking passenger for tickets issued against Indian Rupees and USD 3.25 per embarking passenger for tickets issued against foreign currency,” the order stated.

(Inputs from PTI)