How many times did you have a strange feeling or saw something and wondered if you had a word to describe it? Even the English dictionaries seem to be devoid of words to define such feelings. Turns out there are, in fact, words around the world that could help you express exactly what you are feeling. And no, they are not in English! Here is a list of words for feelings that does not exist in English.

Pena ajena: Ever felt embarrassed that your friend got humiliated? How do you show that feeling? Well, Mexicans have a word for it. It is called Pena ajena.

Cafune: This one is interesting and it is for the romantics out there. Ever seen couples running hands through their lovers’ hair? There’s a word for it. It is called Cafune and its Brazilian!

Gigil: Seen a baby and got an overwhelming feeling to pinch it? What about a teddy bear? If it has been impossible for you to express that feeling we have the word for you – Gigil and its Filipino.

Verschlimmbesserung: This one is a long one and that too German. Verschlimmbesserung means a supposed improvement made worse.