Communication is an essential strategy to shape business trajectory and thereby, an integral aspect of an organisation. It helps to initiate transparency, promotes mutual understanding, boosts trust and motivation and builds relationships. This gives rise to an empowered workforce that is happier and more committed to the organisation, while meeting personal and professional goals at a common platform.

Today, to be an architect of organisational success, it is imperative for business leaders to well understand and harness the benefits of a freeflowing communication in a business model. Here is how modern communication tools help:

Social intranet software: Each organisation goes through a phase where internal communications are failing and a centralised channel for information dissemination is required. A cost effective way of collaborating and assimilating information is needed to add clarity to the functionaries. Social intranet software not only makes this possible, but saves money by lowering IT maintenance costs. In this current age of automation and telecommuting, an intranet solution makes a platform for the workforce to be more flexible, while increasing productivity by ensuring that all employees are well informed and co-ordinated.

Private, group messaging and chat tools: Teams and groups need tools to assist them in being more effective at workplace, through a platform or designated space for collaboration. Collaborative spaces with private, group messaging, and chat capabilities provide the perfect business communication tools to keep teams working together, streamlining work and assimilation of information on a singular platform. They can also be used to share files (with a drag and drop function) and to search for a contact or conversation in order to refer to something from the past. It becomes easier to keep a track of progress while culling out the weaker point, through such platforms.

Internal blogs and videos: Humans are visual beings who appreciate value through witnessing it themselves. When the content looks good, people are bound to read it. Great content is the defining factor for engaging internal teams to productivity, too. Utilising images and videos across the intranet would secure more traction and engagement from employees. Info graphics are another great way to increase engagement, especially suited for marketing departments and for demonstrating and explaining internal processes.

Discussion forums: With time it is established that information sharing at workplace is as vital as learning new skills. As a part of orientation, veteran workers can familiarise new employees on what’s what within an organisation, helping them get up to speed quickly and with fewer mistakes along the way. At the same time, a space where employees can ask questions, discuss projects and workplace issues helps bond everybody within the organisation. A discussion forum facilitates that by bringing together everybody, management and employees, allows an open discussion on any topic to take place.

Such an immersive space will help in knowledge dissemination and bring everybody closer together. Communication tools are a veritable source for automating businesses while promoting team spirit to a larger extent. These tools would greatly help in simplifying operations, at a rapid pace.

(The writer is product manager, Hallwaze Inc)