How online tutoring market is opening up avenues for homemakers, senior citizens and college grads

India is already the third largest online education market in the world which is estimated to grow at a tremendous CAGR of approximately 19% during 2016-2020.

How online tutoring market is opening up avenues for homemakers, senior citizens and college grads

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Technology has changed the way we work in recent times and how! It’s not an aberration anymore to break the 9-to-5 job mould and create your own work schedule according to your passion.

What has made this possible is the rapid rise of online platforms that offer an array of opportunities and ample scope for the gig economy. Work life is no more about being tethered to cubicles and following specific hours. People are now working from the comfort of their homes and earning a decent amount as well.

High internet penetration has opened up avenues for a lot of people to convert their passion into well-paying jobs, or to supplement their income and earn some extra bucks. Educated homemakers, senior citizens and even young college graduates are making the most of this new wave in the work industry.There may be several reasons why people do not want to opt for regular employment with companies. However, for people who are qualified and hold professional degrees, not being able to work and earn could seem like a daunting idea.


This is where the idea of online tutoring has gained immense popularity in India in the recent past. There are several online tutoring platforms like GuruQ that do a great job at connecting teachers and students from all over the world. What these platforms have mainly done is that they have opened up avenues for individuals who have a passion for teaching and have helped them make earn decently by becoming online tutors.

The education sector in India is already experiencing a dearth of quality teachers. Online tutoring platforms have made it possible for parents and students to get access to qualified individuals as teachers. For the teachers, it is a great arrangement too because it means some can restart their careers, if there has been a break. For others, it is about putting their skills into use in the right manner and earn money.

The ed tech platforms have worked especially well for women who have been homemakers either by choice or have been forced to renounce their professional life due to personal commitments.By enrolling on these platforms, many have become online tutors and have been able to earn their own income and in turn financial independence. For women, it has meant not just financial freedom, but also the satisfaction of contributing to their families.

There are several companies and start-ups who are offering flexible work options and on-the-job learning making it easier for women to resume their careers. Even senior citizens and college grads are taking advantage of such platforms to channel their passion for teaching in the right way. The salary depends on how many hours a person is able to put in, which class and syllabus they tutor and whether they are comfortable teaching a group or an individual student.

India is already the third largest online education market in the world which is estimated to grow at a tremendous CAGR of approximately 19% during 2016-2020. This of course means that online tutoring is a lucrative full-time or part-time profession for anyone who loves to teach and guide others.
Online tutoring is developing swiftly with the advent of innovations, technologies and wide spread usage of the internet.

This also means that the life of an online tutor is full of rewards, both intellectually and fiscally. The best part is that they get to work with students from varied cultural backgrounds and geographic territories. Through one-on-one sessions, they help students to accomplish their maximum potential.

Another aspect is that the growing number of online tutoring platforms and technologies has bolstered the market by making it easier for tutors to reach out to students. Registering on platforms like GuruQ is an easy process where tutors simply have to go through a 4-step teacher scrutiny process. This includes a Proficiency Test, an online or offline Interview and a full background check conducted by external agencies thus ensuring students are entrusted in safe hands. This lends tutors credibility as well makes it easy for them to acquire a strong student base being certified tutors backed by a brand like GuruQ.

In the end, be it offline or online, ed tech platforms are enabling homemakers, senior citizens, college grads and stay-at-home mothers to rediscover their purpose and become their own bosses. They are also doing a great job at undertaking regular skill development workshops and helping tutors improve their teaching and interpersonal skills.

Such platforms are expanding the opportunities for self-employment as well as giving parents and students the advantage of finding the best-suited home tutors in their vicinity. They are offering sterling opportunities for many to make a mark in the highly competitive digital ecosystem while staying in the comfort of their own homes.

The author is the founder and CEO of GuruQ