At least 30 houses were ravaged by a tornado in a village adjacent to the Kansavati reservoir at Mukutmanipur in Bankura late Monday afternoon that rendered several families homeless.

The district administration kicked off relief operations on Tuesday and distributed tarpaulin and food articles among the affected residents of Narkoli village, about 4 km from the Tourist’s Point at Mukutmanipur and located beside the deer park near the Kansavati reservoir near the Purulia-Bankura border.

Bankura District Magistrate Uma Sankar S and Superintendent of Police Koteswar Rao visited the village and took stock of the destruction caused by the strong wind.

Lakhinder Soren, a resident, said, “We were panicked to see a rotating column extending from the northwestern part of the sky to the dam water and the wind started blowing heavily. The wind had a harsh whistling noise and the column started shifting suddenly towards Narkoli.”