Bringing the possible demolition of the Tallah Bridge a step closer, the state PWD today floated a tender inviting agencies for conducting soil testing for the new bridge.

The work for soil test would have to be completed within 14 days and subsequently the report will be submitted at Nabanna state secretariat.

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee had said yesterday that the decision of demolishing the bridge would be taken by the chief secretary headed committee.

An inspection by the engineering consultancy RITES had found that the bridge needed to be repaired immediately, leading to traffic restrictions.

Traffic movement on the bridge has been suspended since 28 October and most vehicles were diverted through Belgachia bridge. With additional vehicles plying on Belgachia bridge for the last two weeks, the condition of this bridge has deteriorated.

Thus, PWD has decided to conduct a health assessment study for Belgachia bridge.

According to sources, it has been decided to construct two bridges as alternative to the Tallah Bridge on its right and left side. These would head towards Galiff Street and RG Kar Hospital.

However, the distance from the bridge where the alternate bridges are to be constructed would be decided following a survey.

As the area is crowded, special attention has to be taken before going ahead with the plan for alternate routes, said a PWD official.

Earlier, PWD had floated a tender for mapping the existing underground utility services below the bridge as the condition of the existing electrical and communication cables have to be ensured so that no services get hampered due to the demolition. PWD is also considering to assess the environmental impact of demolishing the Tallah Bridge as chances of pollution during demolition cannot be ruled out.

The process may cause air pollution and thereby affect the residents of the area so an assessment would be done prior it.