The CPI-M state secretary Surjya Kanta Mishra today said that his party would not allow the ruling BJP in the Centre to implement National Register of Citizens (NRC) across the country, including West Bengal. “In the name of the NRC, an attempt was being made to divide Assam and Bengal. This must be stopped. Both BJP and Trinamul Congress in connivance are trying to play communal politics to secure their vote bank.

The people must stop this,” he said. Mishra was speaking at a rally held at Post Office More in Krishnagar to protest against several ‘antipeople’ steps taken by the BJP, including the BJP’s propaganda in support of NRC. He said that both Trinamul and BJP were polarising people for their vested political interest and the people must boycott the two parties to stop such polarisation in the country.

“These are fascist forces trying to divert the attention of the people from the economic crisis. Only the Left parties are the real alternative to combat these fascist forces,” he said. He added, “The NRC update in Assam has occurred in specific historical and political circumstances. Our party is against the introduction of the NRC in rest of the country as the BJP government at the Centre intends to initiate this process for their divisive communal agenda for polarisation.”

Coming down heavily on the BJP-ruled Centre, Mishra said that the last five years of the BJP government had been a “complete disaster” for the country and the people. “The very future of the secular democratic republic as enshrined in our Constitution is at stake under the Modi government’s rule”.

“Due to wrong policies of the Modi government, there is a rise in unemployment and inflation. The GDP has gone down and value of the rupee has gone down. Several big industrialists have spoken about unprecedented recession. Some companies have laid off workers, while some others have shut down their units. These are seen mostly in the motor vehicle production companies across the country”, he said.