Amidst the prevailing political climate in Bengal where a strong wave of anti-incumbency is apparent while party MLAs are jumping sides at the drop of a hat before the polls, the CPI-M is banking on Satyajit Ray’s characters ‘Udayan Master’ and ‘Feluda’ for its digital poll-campaign against the state ruling party and the saffron brigade.

The maestro of parallel cinema Ray’s political satire of 1980, ‘Hirak Rajar Deshe’ (In the land of the Diamond King) has once again drawn the attention with CPI-M using it for their digital campaign against the binary force of Trinamul Congress and the BJP.

The ‘Hirak Raja’, essayed by the eminent actor Utpal Dutta, had portrayed the image of a tyrant who oppressed the citizens of his land- from students to farmers- through “Magajdholai’ (brainwashing) so they never rebel against the King and dutifully continues to serve him without protest.

However, the machinations of the tyrant king was scuttled by one school teacher, ‘Udayan Master’ who had dared to arrange a revolt to overthrow the king with the help of ‘Goopi’ and ‘Bagha’the magical musicians who were invited to the king’s court for performing.

The CPI-M digital campaign features Hirak Raja telling his minister that the secret collusion between Trinamul and the BJP must not come out till the voters are brainwashed into casting their votes for the flower symbols of these two parties.

‘Udayan Master’, a symbol of values and democracy, warns that citizens of the land have come to know of all the ill doings of ‘Hirak Rani’(Mamata) and a revolution of the people is in the making to overthrow the tyrant king.

If the school teacher was able to stir an anti-incumbency force against a tyrant king, the private investigator ‘Feluda’ has been appointed by the CPIM to defeat the crony businessman ‘Maganlal Meghraj'(BJP) who threatens the sleuth for being too nosy in the affairs of horse-trading between  Trinamul and the BJP.

Feluda replies that people will not spare the ones who play with their lives and jump parties out of a greed for money. The campaign is based on the 1979 movie ‘Joy Baba Felunath’ by Ray.

Meanwhile, the Left-Front which is leading the Sanyukta Morcha with Congress and ISF, today declared the names of candidates for the rest six phases of the poll. Earlier it had announced list for first two phases.