With only two days left for the new year, the chill in the air only added to the celebratory spirit of Kolkatans as the revellers headed in droves to their favourite winter haunts in the city like the Alipore Zoo, Victoria Memorial, Elliot Park, Eco Park and Nicco Park. As the day progressed, the crowd gradually swelled at these tourist hotspots.

As people geared up to cheer and make merry, the city seemed keen to catch the festive air on a blustery Sunday morning. Thousands wrapped up in heavy woollen clothes or jackets crowded around areas like Park Street, Maidan, and Rabindra Sadan. The entire Park Street remains illuminated with LED lights for Christmas and people are enjoying delicious food in the beautiful ambience of Park Street.

At Alipore Zoo, adults and kids alike gathered in front of the cages and enjoyed their weekend with picnics. “We usually visit the zoo at this time every year. The Christmas zeal is still not over and we are about to welcome the new year. So we prefer to come here to enjoy the festive ambience and also the zoo is a good place for kids to learn and explore new things and they really enjoy the living animals over the toys they play with at home,” said Akasha, who came at the zoo with her little daughter.

Victoria Memorial too witnessed huge footfall and to celebrate the last two days of year, Sumit and his wife came all the way from Pune to visit the city landmarks. He said, “It’s the first time we are visiting Victoria Memorial and the city has already welcomed us with its unconditional and warm festive spirit. We are looking forward to visit other places as well.”