Panic spread among residents of Kharasrota village on the banks of the Sui river under the Itahar police station area in North Dinajpur district after the flooded river started eroding land and washed away two houses last night.

Twelve houses have been swept away by the river waters so far this year, villagers there said. “Water in the river has risen and it is flowing very close to the primary school and a temple. The guard wall with boulders on the river banks is needed to protect the village. Both the block and district administrative officials have remained silent o the matter,” a local man said.

Residents of Kharasrata village, Keshab Mandal and Rakesh Basak, said the Sui river has gobbled up around 100 houses in the village in the past two decades.

“This year, the waters have already swept away 12 houses. All the families are daily wage earners, and they have now taken shelter in safer places far away from the river. If a guard wall is not built, a government free primary school, a temple and some other houses will be washed away very soon. Residents in our village are worried with the rise in the water level,” Mr Mandal said.