Nearly 500 BJP cadres and supporters including two elected Gram Panchayat members deserted the saffron party and joined the Trinamul Congress in Bankura today. In the last month, nearly one and a half thousand BJP cadres and supporters have migrated to the Trinamul Congress, which according to the political observers, has marked significance considering the present political consequences.

The Trinamul Congress, incidentally was defeated in both the Parliamentary seats in the district in 2019 Lok Sabha polls. “In Mejia, 1500 BJP cadres and supporters joined TMC, at Chhatna nearly a thousand of them joined and at Indpur more than 800 BJP cadres along with four elected Panchayat members will join our party within a fortnight,” said Subhashis Batabyal, district president of the Trinamul Congress in Bankura.

He added: “Today, two elected Panchayat members with the Purandarpur Panchayat in Bankura – 1 block – Bijoy Bauri and Mamata Singha joined our party along with their followers.” At Bankura – 1 block, three elected Panchayat members from the BJP too have expressed their desire to join Trinamul Congress, Batabyal said.

Subrata Daripa, district secretary of the Trinamul Congress said today: “Our district president has given a lot of importance in bringing back the confidence of our veteran party men who had remained dormant over the years.” The BJP meanwhile hasn’t given much heed to the mass migration from the party.

Vivekananda Patra, district president of BJP in Bankura said: “The Trinamul Congress might be happy with this migration but we are sure this is not going to injure the BJP in the district at all.”