Chief minister Miss Mamata Banerjee said today that she would request Prime Minister Narendra Modi to clear her proposal to rename the state as Bangla.

On 3 July, Miss Banerjee wrote a letter to the Prime minister urging him to expedite the change of name of the state to Bangla as the state government had proposed. Today at the state legislative Assembly, the chief minister said that the repeated efforts are being made since 2003 to rename the state.

“We have given all clarifications to the queries of the Centre on the rename issue. They are still depriving us but why. Bengali is the fifth largest speaking language in the world and second one in Asia,” she said.

“I think it’s a political motive of the Centre. I will request the Prime minister to consider our proposal unanimously accepted in the House,” she added.

Judgements of the Supreme Court will soon be available in six Indian languages. Hindi, Telugu, Assamese, Kannada, Marathi and Odia transplations in the Apex Court judgements are set to be introduced on the Court’s website soon.

She also urged Bengali should also be included as one of the languages used while orders are issued by the Supreme Court.

“With showing full respects to the judiciary Bengali language should also sued in the Apex Court orders,” she said. Mr Sujon Chakraborty, CPI-M legislative party leader, said the then Left Front government had for the first time proposed to rename of the state as Paschimbanga in 1999. But the oppositions were not agreed with the move. Then the Left government had again moved for change in the name of the state as Paschimbanga and Bangla.