Seventeen Left parties along with central trade unions for banking sectors and insurance agents will organise a whole day agitation on 26 February in front of the Hindustan Building to protest against LIC privatisation and “BJP government’s attempt to destroy India’s economy emerges.”

Earlier, buoyed by the Delhi poll results, 17 Left parties launched a country-wide agitation against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi led government’s divisive politics. Left Front chairman Biman Bose signed a statement and said that BJP’s politics of divisiveness, communalism had caused enmities between religion groups while development has taken the back seat.

Moreover, this year’s Union budget revealed exactly how a rich man’s sarkar goes about brutally increasing the burden on people in order to continue handing out concessions to the corporate world and turning the whole country into a source of profit, Mr Bose said in the statement. Left organisations also organised street corners and at several municipalities and gram panchayat areas from 12 February to 17 February.

“All Left organisations will again support the agitation of central banking sectors and insurance agents on 26 February, said Mr Bose in the statement. Mr Bose had earlier criticised the state government for presenting “direction less state budget.” “Both the Central and the state government are constantly providing opportunities to the rich- men to raise their capital by depriving the common people. Even arrogance and the politics of vendetta have crossed all limits since BJP returned to power at the Centre for the second consecutive time,” he said.

Seventeen Left parties including CPI-M, CPI, AIFB, RSP, CPI-ML, RCPI, MFB, BBC, Workers’ Party, CPI-ML, NCP, RJD, LJD and others. Left organisation also called other parties except BJP and Trinamul Congress to join the protest movement. Earlier, CPI-M general secretary Sitaram Yechury also said that due to neglect, mismanagement and perversion of priorities, the BJP government created a slump in the Indian economy.