In a bid to address water supply shortage in certain areas in the city, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is installing capsule booster pumps that will help boost the flow of water from the water treatment plants of the civic body and reach it to interior areas where supply is low.

The civic body has begun taking prompt measures towards solving shortage in water supply. An official in the water supply department of the KMC, said that a large portion of the city, especially in South Kolkata, is reeling under shortage of water supply. Many households in areas such as Jadavpur, Tollygunge, Behala, have been the victim of water supply shortages. Hence, the KMC has decided to install capsule booster pumps to address the problem.

The official explained: “Capsule booster pumps are smaller in size that the usual booster pumps and are hence cheaper compared to the prices of large-sized booster pumps. These capsule booster pumps have already been installed at more than 10 areas under KMC. More are to be installed in another 10 areas. Installation work is on in areas such as Kaistya Para in ward 106, Panchanna Gram in ward 107, Panchasayar in ward 109, Subodh Chandra Mullick Road in 109 and several other areas.

Areas in Jadavpur, Tollygunge and Behala have been complaining for years now about scarcity in supply during morning and evening hours which result in great inconvenience for residents. Many a time the water supplied to the nearest booster pumping station in an area seldom reaches residences in the interior parts of that area. With the help of these capsule booster pumps, the water will be supplied to these homes, the official pointed out and claimed that in the next two years, all water supply shortage problems in KMC areas will be solved.

KMC is also carrying out an extensive survey in its areas to scout for space to set up such capsule booster pumping stations.