The mayor Firhad Hakim has said that all the impound vehicles that are lying in front of police stations or in police impound yards, could be crushed and sold off via tender which will prevent such scrap from being randomly dumped in water-bodies and also prevent mosquitos from breeding inside these scrap automobile parts.

The mayor Firhad Hakim made the comment after he received a complaint from a citizen from ward no.3, during the ‘Talk to Mayor’ programme, that scrap automobile parts are being randomly dumped in local waterbodies by scrap dealers.

In a bid to solve this issue, the mayor said “There are several impounded vehicles that are either kept outside police stations or pile up at the police impound yards. These vehicles, by law, can be crushed and sold off through a tendering process after six months. They can be sold off as scrap steel. This will not only prevent such scrap being dumped in water-bodies but will also help prevent dengue which can happen due to mosquitos breeding inside these junk automobile parts in the police impound yard. The selling of these impounded automobiles will also help create space in front of police stations and enable KMC conservancy workers to clean that area.”

A KMC official pointed out: “It has been observed time and again that collected rainwater inside impounded vehicles become mosquito breeding grounds. The risk is more especially inside the impound yards where there are several such impounded vehicles that have been lying there for years. These can be crushed and sold off to prevent any further outbreak of dengue in the city.”

It was learnt from police sources that while a case is ongoing, the vehicle continues to remain in police custody. After a court verdict on the case, leading to its closure, if the vehicle owner claims it, whether it will be handed over will then be decided by the police. With impounded vehicles which have no claimants or untraceable owners, the police can put them up for auction after obtaining a court order.

Meanwhile, to pave the way for the Kalighat skywalk project, the KMC along with the state government is making plans for rehabilitation of the hawkers around the Kalighat temple. It was learnt that the skywalk will be similar to the one in Dakshineshwar. The mayor and state urban development minister, Firhad Hakim recently conducted a meeting with the hawkers. It was learnt that the project will take around two years to be completed, but till then the hawkers will be provided with temporary stalls at the Hazra Park.

The hawkers have been assured that after completion of the project, the civic body will build them new permanent stalls.