Indian Medical Association (IMA), highest non-political platform of registered doctors across the country, slammed the Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi demanding apology for allegedly making statements that top pharmaceutical companies bribe doctors with women, gadgets and foreign trips.

IMA has also demanded the PM to prove the charges he levelled against the medical fraternity. On 2 January, Mr Modi met top officials of some giants in pharma sectors in Delhi where the controversy was sparked off prompting the association to react. “Reports appeared in the media regarding the purported statement made by Honorable Prime minister Narendra Modi that top pharmaceutical companies bribed doctors with women escorts,” IMA said in a press stamen issued on 14 January.

“IMA takes strong exception to the statement if it has been really made by the Prime Minister. IMA seeks clarification from the office of the Prime Minister if such a meeting ever happened and if so the statement is authentic. IMA has noted that PMO has not denied the report,” according to the statement.

“IMA demands to know if the Government had details of the companies involved in supplying women to doctors why it chose to invite them for a meeting in PMO rather than initiate criminal proceedings. Moreover, it is imperative on PMO now to release the names of doctors convicted or otherwise as well. The state Medical Councils should initiate appropriate action if the doctors have been convicted on moral turpitude,” it stated.