State forest department has recovered many rare birds, snakes and other animal species in Burdwan (W) during lockdown when creatures began reclaiming their lost space without human activities.

Talking to The Statesman, Milon Kanti Mondal, divisional forest officer (DFO) of Durgapur, said, “In the past few months since the lock down period started in late March, our forest department has rescued and saved nine pythons, two falcons, three eagles, big turtle, three big and rare owls, rare sand boa, krait, cobra, Russel viper , monkey etc. Most were injured. Birds have been treated and released in the dense forest parts.”

From Sonepur Bazar area of ECL, the forest officials have rescued an eagle. It was two and- half feet in length with spotted wings. This bird is very rare and is known as Indian Eagle Owl or Rock Eagle Owl and is not found in this part of the world. For the first time this bird has been spotted in Burdwan West.

“Long tailed eagles which are mostly snake eaters have been rescued near the Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport area in Andal . It must have travelled a few thousand kilometres as this bird is not common in these industrial belts of the state,” DFO Milon Mondal said.

Three rare owl species were also rescued from Asansol, Ukhra, and Jamuria areas. About seventy species of reptiles were recovered which include pythons, cobra, krait, Russel Viper etc.

But the most surprising fact is the rescue of a rare sand boa snake in the district. This is the first time that sand boa snake has been spotted in the South Bengal area. This snake is in huge demand in the black market and is protected under Wildlife Protection Act 1972 in India.