A total of seven persons from districts in the state have become the latest beneficiaries of the ‘Didi Ke Bolo’ programme wherein a call to the helpline number has helped them in cases relating to medical emergencies. The ‘Didi Ke Bolo’ mass outreach programme has apparently begun to yield quick results for the people of the state who are expressing their grievances in calls made to the Did Ke Bolo helpline, and in return getting solutions in much less time.

Recently, a total of seven persons who needed aid in medical emergency situations, received prompt relief after they conveyed their distress on the Didi Ke Bolo number. Rima Dato, a resident of North 24-Parganas, ward no.2, had recently sought the help of the state government for securing a bed in a hospital for her critically ill aunt suffering from liver cancer.

It was learnt that the patient who was taken to the SSKM hospital ~ since it is one of the hospitals where the treatment for the illness concerned is carried out ~ was turned away since the hospital reportedly could not provide a bed. Rima reached out to the chief minister through ‘Didi Ke Bolo’ helpline which helped her in finally securing a bed for her ill aunt at Shambhunath Pandit Hospital. It was learnt that after the call, the deputy superintendent of SSKM met the patient’s family and gave them assurances of a bed.

Moreover, the assistant superintendent then met the patient’s family and checked the medical history. The patient has now been allotted bed number 27 in the emergency observation ward. Ebadur Rahman, a resident of Hooghly district in Polba-Dadpur block had made a complaint through the helpline, alleging misbehaviour by hospital staff who also allegedly refused treatment to the patient.

It was learnt that the complainant’s father-inlaw who is suffering from a major leg and back injury had to be admitted to the Chinsurah Imambara Sadar Hospital, ward no.MS 2, seat no.72. However, the patient allegedly was not receiving any treatment, in addition to which the hospital staff misbehaved with the patient. It was learnt that after the complaint was lodged, the hospital superintendent was alerted following which the complainant’s father-inlaw began receiving treatment, while the hospital staff reportedly corrected their behaviour towards the patient.

Samar Mandal, a resident of South 24-Parganas, complained about the unavailability of doctors in a Baruipur hospital where a pregnant woman had to be admitted. However, right after the complaint was lodged, the medical superintendent of the hospital was alerted and he immediately arranged for a doctor who then reached the spot and attended to the patient.

The woman and the child are now reportedly safe and healthy. Jagannath Chakraborty, and resident of Howrah, ward no.44, lodged a complaint through the Didi Ke Bolo helpline where he alleged that his neighbour who is suffering from tuberculosis, was refused admission in at least two hospitals namely Mahendra Bhattacharya Hospital and Howrah Hospital. After the complaint was lodged, Calcutta Medical College was alerted and the patient was given immediate medical attention and has been admitted in the chest department, bed no. 33.

Md. Firoz, a resident of Jalpaiguri district, in Mal block, had a medical emergency in the family. It was learnt that after trying for two hours to arrange an ambulance, he finally called the Didi ke Bolo helpline number after which an ambulance was sent to his residence. Pradip Roy, a resident of Raigunj, Uttar Dinajpur, was stuck in a flooded area in Bilpara Boshian Gram under Mohipur Gram Panchayat, for three days.

He called the helpline number and shortly a rescue team was dispatched. The complainant is now reportedly safe and in a secure location. Lastly, Swarup Halder, a resident of South 24 Parganas, under Belgachhi Panchayat, had dialled the helpline number, asking the state government to help him in obtaining an emergency OBC certificate for college enrolment. It was learnt that Swarup has been seeking the certificate since 2014 but to no avail. With an impending Calcutta University master’s deadline, he contacted the helpline number and was issued the certificate in a few days’ time.