The CoWin app that is fraught with technical glitches deprived several health workers of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) of Covid-19 vaccine shots since they did not receive any message through the app, asking them to report at vaccination centre.

The CoWin mobile application has been made mandatory to receive vaccines against Covid-19. One needs to schedule their date and time through the app. However, ever since the first day of vaccination procession in the state, the mobile app has been in and out of technical faults, frequently. Addressing the Press, the KMC board members in charge of health department, Atin Ghosh, said that several health workers could not be given the vaccines due to what may be termed as a “miscommunication” due to app failure.

Ghosh assured that a meeting was held with the state health department to iron out the creases that are hindering the vaccination process for the health workers who are scheduled to receive the vaccines ahead of all.

“The state health department officially, Jolly Chowdhury, has assured us of a quick solution to this problem” Ghosh said. He explained that through the CoWin app, messages are sent to individual’s mobile number to inform them of the date and centre for vaccination.

“Due to the technical glitch and network issues, some health workers whose names were in the list did not receive the message. However they were called on their phones from the vaccination centre to inform them but one cannot really trust a random call asking them to report for vaccination. This led to the confusion” explained Ghosh.

Asked whether health workers are dropping out due to fear of adverse reactions from vaccines, he said “Firstly, we need to be responsible and socially aware. There are rumours too which are spreading regarding severe adverse reactions but one must not rely on random news on social media. All the health workers who are in the list are willing to take the vaccine. Ones that could not take the vaccines were only due to the malfunction in the CoWin app.”