Local residents of Kodalia-2, Chinsurah, today protested on the road against the opening of another liquor shop in the area, alleging that it is attracting anti-social elements.

The local residents, mainly housewives, today took to the road raising strong protest against the opening of a new liquor shop in the most busy area of Kodalia-2 in Chinsurah.

The owner of the shop, Himanghsu Dutta, is alleged to have threatened the protesters with dire consequences if they continued their protest.

One of the protesters said “it is really amazing to find yet an another liquor shop, adjacent to a medical shop, a school, and a bus stand. The liquor shop is on a thoroughfare which is mostly used by school students, patients and their kin, housewives and daily bus commuters. A liquor shop in the midst of such an important spot of the town, will not only attract the anti-socials to the area but the safety and security of the students, housewives and daily bus commuters will be at stake with the opening of the liquor shop in the area.”

She further said, “Already the rowdies have gathered in the area. In such circumstances, we strongly demand the immediate closure of the liquor shop. We will soon submit a mass petition to the district magistrate pressing our demand. The local panchayat pradhan’s intervention will also be sought in this matter.” The protesters alleged there has been a rapid increase in the number of liquor shops in Chinsurah town.