Police probing the Beliaghata baby murder case are working on stitching the circumstantial evidence together on the basis of the statements made earlier by the accused mother Sandhya Maloo, who is now in police remand.

“We are trying to put together the circumstantial evidence collected so far on the basis of the statements made by the accused to file charge sheets in the case very soon. We are also probing the angle of an alleged abortion performed two years back on the woman. Whether the alleged abortion was likely the trigger of her post natal depression that is suspected to have subsequently driven her to kill her child is subject to investigation,” said a senior officer.

Sandhya, the accused had told an officer at the homicide wing of Kolkata police, that she was too tired to take care of her two-month-old baby and was not in a position to feed her properly and she was thinking of murdering her child for a long time.

“We have started to study her relationship with her inlaws and are speaking to the family members whether there was any pressure exerted on her as such for a second child. Her husband Sudarshan Maloo too was being interrogated,” the officer said.

On 26 January, a two-month-old baby was found strangulated to death at the CIT Road residence at Beliaghata. The child, with her mouth stuffed with polythene was later retrieved from a dry septic tank of the residence.

Though Sandhya, the mother of the child had first tried to pass it off as a kidnapping case by a miscreant she later confessed having committing the crime. She herself had dumped the body into the septic tank.