The Department of Sanskrit at the Balurghat College has taken initiatives to popularise the Sanskrit language among students as well as professors. A special camp was organised in the college for 10 days, while 40 students, and two senior teachers, were given certificates of participation and merit by the department through an indoor programme in the department held to end the camp.

“This is a unique initiative to popularise the language among the students,” college officials said.

“Once in and around the department, students use only Sanskrit language as their medium of communication. They use the language as their means of communication even in their classes,” an official said.

The special camp kicked off on 28 June with 40 students, while senior teachers Mithu Biswas and Debashis Nattya were the mentors.

“We know Bengali and Hindi, but when we were informed that such a camp was going to be organized, we instantly decided to be part of it. This camp was very helpful and we learnt to speak the Sanskrit language better,” one student, Archana Sarkar, said.

“It was our aim to popularize the language among the students. We have noticed that even in classes, the students and teachers use other languages for communication. Even the books used in the classrooms are translated ones. As such, we decided to change the trend and we were successful,” said associate professor, Debashis Nattya.

The Head of the Sanskrit Departmentm Mithu Biswas, said that they will organize such camps in the college in the future too.

“Through such camps, we will try to help students grow an interest in the language,” she said.