A Covid-19 affected elderly person with malfunctioning of multiple organs, has recovered from the disease and has returned home.

The record of Covid-19 recovery rates for elderly persons, suffering from malfunctioning of multiple organs, are though not encouraging, Gobinda Lal Baidya (68), turned out to be one of the lucky ones.

Mr Baidya was admitted at a private hospital at Mallick Kasem Haat in Chinsurah with severe breathing problems. However, further health tests revealed he is diabetic, hypertensive and suffering from heart block and hypothyroidism.

Doctors said his capillary blood glucose was 445 and his oxygen blood saturation or aterial blood gas (HBG) was as low as 48 per cent. Adding to these, he tested Covid-19 positive.

The medical experts who attended to him said they took it up as a challenge to fight back all the odds and go ahead with treatment of Covid-19 patients with multiple serious health complications.

A board meeting was held with a team of doctors comprising Dr. Ar indom Goutam, Dr. Ashim Banerjee, Dr. Surajit Dutta, Dr. Gour Hari and the others.

Dr. Arindam told The Statesman, “We worked to stabalise the patient, his pulse rate, blood sugar, sodium potassium level and the oxygen blood saturation, with help of most advanced medical equipments. A constant 15 days effort led to recovery of his conditions.”

The doctor added, “ the patient who was bed-ridden for more than a year, can now lead a normal life. It is proved beyond doubt that proper diagnosis and treatment can even heal Covid19 elderly patients with multiple malfunctioning of organs.”