Maneka Gandhi

How does cruelty to animals influence behaviour in children?

Early experiences of violence Early experiences of violence may confer lasting damage at may confer lasting damage at the basic levels of nervous, the basic levels of nervous, endocrine, and immune endocrine, and immune systems, and can even systems, and can even influence the genetic influence the genetic alteration of DNA alteration of DNA.

We have forgotten what can make us happy

We, as a species, are entirely disconnected from nature and we make sure that our children move away as quickly as they can. We have no more play the swings and seesaws of children's playgrounds are not play, but simply things to do to use up time.

Complex eyes of the animal kingdom

'Imagine if your nose were to be on top of your head, eyes on your stomach and a mouth on your feet. I'm sure that such an animal exists somewhere, because Nature hasn't left any combination out'

Highly evolved beings

In plants, it is known that experiences such as stress can alter the molecular wrapping around the chromosomes, and this determines which genes will be silenced. Scientists now know that events, like traumas and starvation, change animal brains and can be passed on to offspring.

Animals and humans

Why not see the world through a new lens and realise that all of us are the same? It will make it easier for you not to make them suffer, or tolerate people and decisions that make them suffer.

Intelligent feathered friends

Crows not only plan for future events but consider the thinking of other crows. When a crow caches food, it looks around to see if it's being observed. If it sees another animal is watching, the crow will pretend to hide its treasure, but will really stash it in its feathers.

A life threatening fungus

Once the germ is present, it is hard to eradicate it from a facility. Some hospitals have had to bring in special cleaning equipment, and even rip out floor and ceiling tiles, to get rid of it.