Actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba says she is addicted to hot sauce and fears the spicy condiment will give her an ulcer because she uses "gallons" of it every day.

"I try to always have a salad, and I always make my own salad dressing — it just tastes better. I’ll often make a chicken quesadilla with corn tortillas — and gallons of hot sauce. Literally. It’s like I’m trying to burn a hole through my stomach. It’s so good. It’s such a problem. I have five or six different types in my fridge. Anything habanero-Caribbean-flavoured, I’m down with," Alba told, reports

The "Sin City" star’s eldest daughter Honor is also a fan of spicy sauce.

"Honor wants Cholula on all of her tacos, on her breakfast — even her eggs, like breakfast tacos — and she’ll straight pour it on chicken. If I make roasted chicken, she’ll want Cholula on it," she said.

While Jessica usually eats healthy items, the star admits she does have one guilty pleasure.

"Nachos. I’m not much of a sweets person. I actually have low blood sugar and low blood pressure, and I get very woozy if I don’t have enough salt… when I do hot yoga, water isn’t enough. I need to have salty water or I’ll have coconut water," she said.