Pick the prettiest blooms for your summer garden

  • Deepa Gupta | New Delhi

    March 15, 2017 | 12:50 AM

(Getty Images)

Spring is here but soon it will be summer. So start preparing for your summer garden. 

The best interpretation of a beautiful home is a fragrant garden full of colourful flowers. A mere glance at them can cheer you up and take all the stress away.

It’s time to rethink – flowers for your summer garden, as soon it will be summer. You need to spend a good time working on the garden to see a heathy good bloom. Always plan in advance to have them blossom at the right time. 

Flowers are the soul of a lively house. They are an inspiration to live with joy and positivity. This summer make your garden a stylish place with these summer flowers. These flowers are best grown under the clear glare of the sun.

Musk Rose: It is a sensational and showy flower native to India. It blooms in summer and gives out a very sweet frangrance.

Sunflower: With a large sun-like appearance, with its face to the sun, sunflowers is an ideal choice to beautify your garden in summer. They bloom well in the open and under the sun.

Lily: The lovely, delicate flower comes in white, yellow, red and pink. Plant them in rows in a sunny place for a good bloom. It may take a good year or two to bloom, but it's worth the wait.

Marigold: Native to India, they come in different types and hues -- orange, white and bright yellow and are used in making garlands and as offerings to dieties. They keep bugs and mosquitoes away with their strong scent and their leaves have medicinal purpose. They are easy to plant as they grow easily and needs less care.

Hibiscus: With their dazzling appearance, each kind blooms in white, red, yellow and bright pink. Grown under full sun, they have a life of a day or so. They are also called China Rose.

Take a peek at these most budding summer flowers. Use them to create warmth and happiness. The sweet fragrance and stunning look can make your garden exotic. The soft petals symbolise beauty, love and passion. With them, your house will look better than ever. Oh yes!