Gulkand: Cool your body with the sweetness of rose petal jam


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The many health benefits of Gukand can help rejuvenate your body completely.


Try the magical power of the fragrant rose petal jam called Gulkand. The powerful antioxidant content in it can rejuvenate your body and heal many ailments.

Gulkand is treated as an Ayurvedic medicine by Ayurveda science that uses it for healing many diseases and body disorders. The beautiful and aromatic rose provides a natural base for therapeutic use and cooling effect. In summers, it acts as a natural body hydrate.

Not only as an ailment treatment therapy, it is also popular as a sweet dish recipe ingredient like rose milk, rose pie, pan mithai and many more. Always buy it from an authentic confectionery or Ayurveda store. You may also prepare it at home with all hygiene and purity. You can also prepare it at home.

Here's how to prepare gulkand at home:

Take 30 fresh roses of any colour.

Pluck the petals and wash them thoroughly.

Put them in a glass container and add sugar granule in equal quantity.

Crush the petals using a spoon. The sugar will become pink and rose petals will get translucent.

Keep the glass jar in proper sunlight for a week. The petals will gradually shrink and melt.

Keep the jar in room temperature for five days. Put the jar again in sunlight for more a week.

The rose petals will become like a jelly that’s very sweet in smell and tempting in flavour.

Once you taste it, you’ll want more of this sweet Indian delicacy. The beautiful rose petals will appear in your mind with every bite. Make this natural appetiser a part of your daily lifestyle.

Health benefits:

Gulkand helps to maintain body metabolism

It may prevent menstruation disorders like heavy bleeding and irregular periods.

Rich in glucose, it provides instant energy.

As a health tonic, it may prevent anaemia.

Being cool in nature, it may protect you from sun strokes, nose bleeding and dizziness.

Gulkand is a natural anti-aging treatment for dermal disorders like wrinkles and fine lines. It may treat scabs, itching, boils, blisters and acne.

It detoxifies your body and prevents internal heat. Thus, it may treat excessive perspiration and bad body odour.

Loaded with antioxidants, it is a great healing remedy for acidity, constipation, gastritis, indigestion, ulcer, palpitation, hypertension and stress, etc.

Caution: Gulkand is not safe for diabetic patients because of its excess sweetness. Otherwise, you may have it safely but have it in moderation.