Singer Papon has released his first Assamese album, Notun Puhor, in seven years. He feels more people are opening up to music from across the globe, and so, language is becoming a little less of a barrier now.

His last Assamese album, Sinaki Osinaki, released in 2010. What took him so long to unveil another album in the language?

"I usually take time while making albums, and also because I am always doing so many other projects outside Assam," Papon, who has delivered Bollywood chartbusters like Moh moh ke dhaage and Kyon, told.

Notun Puhor (meaning new light), features six songs on themes like love, loneliness and life. One can also notice the heavy influence of synths and electric guitar in the album.

"I've matured as a composer, and I feel that now I can strike a balance between old school and new styles of music. The music is very modern, stylish but the lyrics at the heart of the album will speak to a lot of people," he said. 

"'Notun Puhor' is a bit more towards incorporating the global mix of electronic and modern rock elements. It sounds 2017," he added.

This album, he says, has a couple of songs addressing local social issues along with the human conflict of the ever-changing society worldwide. 

It also puts the spotlight on "the nuclear existence of families and how technology has taken the human warmth away". 

Talking about the song's availability, he said: "It's out on the internet, so people, not just in Assam, but across the world can listen to it and since more and more people are opening up to music from across the globe, language is becoming a little less a barrier now."

Other than the Assamese album, Papon has been involved in "some interesting projects".

"I am not at liberty to share any details as of now. Hopefully soon, I will be able to talk about them," said Papon.