Best of both worlds

Best of both worlds

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After completing school, choosing the right college is one of the most important decisions that a student takes. The choice he/she makes at the time determines the whole future in terms of jobs, career growth and standard of life.

The right kind of college will help to grow, enhance their personality, brush up their skills, provide them with a platform to exhibit their talent and above all, it provides them with quality education.

There are number of factors related to a college that contribute to the development of a student such as validity of degree, infrastructure, faculty, pedagogy, placements, and exposure to the professional world.

Hence, when a student is looking for a college, certain points should take into consideration. A lot would prefer government colleges because of low fees. However, unless one is studying in a highly reputed government institution, such colleges often lack in terms of infrastructure, regular access to faculty, help with placements and well-designed pedagogy among others.

To implement any policy or procedure in a government college, the administration requires government approval and given the rigid bureaucracy of the Indian managements, it is a very complex process which the college administration wishes to avoid.

Private colleges do not come with the assurances of government but they provide the best platform to explore one’s talent and have a holistic development. As private colleges do not have the financial support like government colleges, they have to charge much higher fees.

In order to attract the students, they need to prove themselves solely through what they can offer. Thus, many private colleges generally offer excellent infrastructure facilities, regular access to all kinds of resources including faculty, innovative pedagogy, guest lectures, industrial visits and all possible help during placements in hope of inducing students to enroll.

While private colleges always do not recruit the best faculty, they motivate to do their best and offer them good career growth if they prove to be valuable to the institution. The rise through the ranks is easier for good, hard-working and motivated faculty in private colleges. It is easier for the administration to implement the policies and procedures they want as they do not have to go through the government bureaucratic structure.

However, the degree of a private college may/may not be recognised by the industry depending on various factors which can hamper a student’s professional growth irrespective of the quality of the education he/she has received.

With a fast growing number of graduates competing for jobs in the market, every student needs to have as much advantage as possible. In terms of their education, government affiliated private colleges offer them benefits of both government and private colleges.

From providing summer internship, organising educational workshops and inviting guest lecturers to providing best possible support for placements, these colleges help their students in every possible manner to make them ready for the professional world.

(The writer is executive director, IMS Noida)

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