V resorts in Jim Corbett National Park, apart from hospitality, enhances the scope to meet the striped king of the jungle because of its location. suchayan mandal explores

The journey from Ramnagar railway station to the resort is simply terrific! The rough roads that lead to the destination is frequented by deer, elephants and at times tigers. And if it’s the dark hours of the evening, imagination adds to the experience. The sharp bend down the Ramnagar market, where the concrete road ends and real adventure ushers in the jungle road is well defined by fireflies and rickety din of the crickets. A light drizzle accompanied with croaks of the wild frogs and the light of the headlamps of the jeep showed we were actually headed for nowhere. The skeletal road that was only visible, roar of the jeep&’s engine and constant abominable jerking that seems to shake the nervous, arterial, skeleton system all together, made us question the wisdom of choosing this destination! That was until the driver signaled us to be silent. A partially cloud-covered full moon betrayed a slight movement in the bush on our left. A herd of deer soon rushed across the road followed by a growl that impaired the respiratory tract for a while. Even as I considered myself fortunate for not having encountered the real uncle on the hoodless jeep, the driver announced, "Hold steady. crossing a river." Before we realised it, we found the jeep dipping deep into a bush with leaves and creepers seeking to grab us. The next moment we found a white foamy river before us. With moonlight revealing dark gigantic mountains all around and shrill scrolling of water overtaking the rocks, we felt thrilled. A rushing river under and a line of lanterns on the other bank. Welcome to Kyari-V Resorts Corbett, located in Corbett buffer zone, eight kms inside the jungle. While most hotels are outside Corbett, this is of the few resorts where one can sense the fear of tigers sitting on the verandah of the hut. Just step outside the resort and park oneself on a rock watching the animals at a distance.
V Resorts Corbett gives more from a Corbett Trip than just the wildlife safari. One gets to stay in the jungle with a Village Safari, wildlife nearby, ethnic cottage style resort, lantern walk at night and a host of activities including treks, body surfing, rappelling, trek to Corbett waterfall  thrown in.
The moment we checked into the room, which is a dimly lit yellowish one with stone works and tribal statues on the wall, we realised the mobile network plays hide and seek ~ seeks less, hides more, as they say.
There&’s no TV and no room service. Walk up to the open air dining hut to find charpaayis to relax with lamb curry and seekh kebabs. The buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner are perfect to pamper taste buds.
Morning engagements included body surfing where we put on a life jacket and took a dip in the high current river canal only to find ourselves flowing with the tide. Until the guide picked us up, we had passed through three gorges and ten trees that lie as a bridge on the canal. Crossing the Khichdi river appeared a daunting task until we spotted little kids on their way from school casually cross the rapids. The odd name Khichdi dates back to the British days, when this river had a variety of fish. Another river called Doogri is just a kilometre from the resort and is a grand washroom for elephants, who use it for moonbath in the evening.
Even if one were to miss the jungle safari because of bad weather or tiger remain elusive, V Resort&’s homely chefs are ever ready to serve oven hot delicacies. The sprawling cottages on lush greenery has rocking chairs for a chitchat with local staff, who can narrate their “meeting the burning bright” experience.