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Satya Nadella once surrendered his Green Card for love!

PTI | Orlando |

With his permanent residency coming in the way of his newly wed wife joining him in the US, Satya Nadella surrendered his Green Card and applied for a H1-B visa, a move which gave him instant notoriety around the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, the Indian-born CEO has revealed.

In fact, at one point of time, early in his career, even with a Green Card in his hand, Nadella seriously contemplated leaving his job at the Microsoft and returning to India.

This was because his wife Anu was not able to join him in Seattle, due to the existing US law that a Green Card holder if he marries, his/her spouse visa is rejected.

The law continues even today.

“So why would I give up the coveted green card for temporary status?” Nadella writes in his book ‘Hit Refresh’, which officially releases in the US today.

He married Anu in 1993. Following the wedding, Nadella intended to bring his wife over to the US to live with him.