Phulbani, 11 November: Kandhmal district administration submitted a proposal to the central government for the improvement of five rural roads in the Maoist infested blocks of Daringbadi, Kotagarh and Tumudibandha under the Integrated Action Plan programme, informed Sarat Chandra Mishra, superintendent engineer of the public works department here.,
The roads are Daringbadi to Badagarh via Bamunigam-Katingia-Merikot estimated cost Rs 180 crore, Bamunigam to Adaba via Paniganda estimated at Rs 50 crore covering a distance of 25 km, Kotagarh to Bamunigam via Subarnagiri-Srirampur-Gadapur estimated at Rs 148 crore, Subarnapur to Kirkuti road via Pakari-Badagarh estimated at Rs 98 crore and Daringbadi to Gajalbadi road via Bhramarabadi estimated to cost Rs 100 crore.     sns