With an ambience that teleports you to China and cuisine with a delicious twist, the Chowman lobster festival promises the best dining experience over the next fortnight or so, says christopher gonsalves
IT’S one thing to stare at lamb shanks on a plate but it&’s a bit scary to see a full lobster – head, legs, claws and whatever else — on a platter eyeballing you. So for better or worse, you drum up some courage, take a bite off its tail and then realise it died for a reason.
The Chowman group of restaurants is showcasing a lobster festival that will run till 11 July 2013 at its 99 Ballygunge Place and Golf Green outlets. Managing director Debaditya Chaudhury would have you realise that the festival tries to give Chinese cuisine an exotic twist by introducing customers to a multitude of various lobster dishes.
The spread of delicacies includes starters like chilli mountain lobster, lobster in hot basil sauce and lobster in char siu sauce. Main course fare includes Schezwan orange-fried lobster, lobster in chilli mustard sauce and lobster in chilli wine sauce. A meal will set you back by Rs 600 (plus taxes) and the restaurant promises quality by making sure all the lobster dishes are perfectly prepared, down to the last-minute detail of marinating the helpless crustaceans to perfection. Chaudhury says cleaning the lobsters properly is especially important to arrive at that juicy tender feel every time you sink your teeth in.
The restaurant&’s ambience is bound to make customers enjoy the dining experience because the décor has been handpicked from markets in Hong Kong. The walls are exquisitely carved by experienced craftsmen flown in from China and the menu pays homage to various provinces in that country. The lobster dishes are conveniently served so that customers can gorge without the hassle of cracking shells and then toiling over getting bits of shell out of the flesh. The festival will also include other dishes to compliment the lobsters.
With an ambience that teleports you to China and cuisine with a delicious twist, the Chowman festival promises to give customers the best dining experience during the next fortnight or so.