At least one person was killed, many others injured and thousands of people have been displaced after a massive 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit the strait between the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra, according to officials on Saturday.

Indonesia issued a tsunami warning within minutes of powerful quake occured late on Friday.

The warning lasts two hours and sent people living along the coastline fleeing to higher ground.

The strong quake was felt in the capital Jakarta and people rushed out of high-rise buildings.

According to US Geological Survey, which records seismic activity around the world and had initially estimated the earthquake’s magnitude to be 6.8, but the epicentre around 90 km southwest of Pandeglang and its hypocenter at a depth of 42 km.

The quake destroyed 34 houses and caused minor damage to dozens of other buildings, the Arab News reported.

Indonesia is situated on the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, which is frequently hit by earthquakes and sometimes accompanying tsunami.

Last year, a tsunami hit the city of Palu in Sulawesi island, that killed thousands when a crater collapse at the Anak Krakatau volcano triggered a tsunami, killing at least 430 people in an area near the latest quake.