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Maoist posters found at different places in Bolangir

Maoist posters found at different places in Bolangir


The appearance of a number of Maoist posters at various places along the Bolangir-Patnagar road near Kutpali and Dulusar village caused concern amongst local people and the police administration. 

The police swung into action and confiscated the posters to try and diffuse the tension in the area. The poster which were put up at various place asked the locals to support their bandh call on Tuesday. 

It condemned the state government for construction of the lower Suktel dam and Pujhari Pali project to appease corporate houses at the expense of the displaced people. 

The corporate houses which want water for the bauxite mining at Gandhamardan hills are keen on both the projects, alleged the posters. 

Local people said that the posters must have been put up late last night as they saw it early this morning. It was both in red cloth and paper, written in hindi. It was put up on road side trees and display boards. 

“We notice these poster while coming to our work place, it was written in Hindi sign by Bolangir – Bargarh Mahasamund Division of Communist Party of India (Maoist)" said people who had seen and read it. 

People who are aware about topography of the area view that appearance of poster in these area has lot of significance as these village falls under lower Suktel dam project area where people are miffed over failure of administration to settle their compensation and rehabilitation demands. 

The appearance of such posters is a warning to the local administration of Maoist movement in the area. The poster directed the administration to stop displacing people and stop catering to needs of multinational companies.