Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, has extended his greetings to the people in Canada and around the world on the occasion of the commencement of the Hindu festival of Navaratri.

Justin Trudeau said in a statement, “This evening, Hindu communities in Canada and around the world will celebrate the beginning of one of their most important festivals, Navratri. The celebrations, which symbolize the triumph of good over evil, take place over nine nights and ten days. Throughout the festivities, families and friends come together to pray, dance, and observe traditions in hundreds of different forms passed down from generation to generation.”

“The festival is now celebrated globally by Hindus and non-Hindus alike. It is a joyful time that reminds us of the invaluable contributions the Hindu community makes every day to our national fabric. On behalf of our family, (wife) Sophie and I wish everyone celebrating a happy Navratri,” he added.

The nine-day long festival is celebrated by Hindus across the world who worship Goddess Durga and her many avatars. The festival culminates on the 10th day in the form of Dusshera when people in north India burn an effigy of Ravana, his brother Kumbhakarna, and his son Meghnad signifying the victory of Lord Ram.