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Irish lawyer who abused Air India staff found dead at her England home

According to reports, Simon Burns, 50, is believed to have committed suicide. 

SNS | New Delhi |

An Irish international human rights lawyer, who was caught on camera making abusive comments at an Air India crew earlier this April was found dead at the foot of Beachy Head in East Sussex on Monday.

According to reports, Simon Burns, 50, is believed to have committed suicide.

The Telegraph quoted Sussex Police spokesperson as saying, “The body of a woman found at Beachy Head on June 1 has been identified as Simone Burns from Hove.”

“The death is not being treated as suspicious and the next of kin have been informed. The matter has been passed to the coroner’s officer,” the spokesperson added.

Burns, who was described as “drunk and obnoxious” during her hearing, was sentenced to six months prison in April.

Irish Judge Nicholas Wood said, “The experience of a drunk and irrational person in the confines of an aircraft is frightening, not least on a long-haul flight, and poses a potential risk to safety,” while sentencing the 50-year-old to six months in prison for being drunk on an aircraft.

Irish Judge said that “spitting straight into a crew member’s face at close range is a particularly insulting and upsetting act.”

One of the friends of Burns said that her world fell apart after the conviction, which made her fodder for trolls on social media.

The video of the incident also went viral that showed the drunk lawyer having three bottles of wine on the long-haul flight before calling the cabin crew “Indian money-grabbing c***s” as she was denied the fourth bottle of red wine for being too drunk.

A member of the Air India cabin crew described her conduct as, unlike anything he had seen during his 34-year aviation career.

She was refused alcohol on a flight from Mumbai to London.