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International rally against animal cruelty

Statesman News Service |

An international rally was organised in various cities in India and Australia to express solidarity against growing cases of animal cruelty in the country and to put pressure on the government to enact strict laws on the issue.

The rally organised by India Unites for Animals (IUFA), urging the Indian government to enact powerful laws against animal cruelty took place in 70 cities around the world, including 50 in India, 10 in US and five in Australia.

Anand Siva who was coordinating the rally claimed a large number of people took part in the rally.

Humane Society International-India had earlier said that the past year has seen some of the most heinous acts of animal cruelty in India — from physical assault on a police horse, Shaktiman, to stabbing of dogs to death and setting puppies ablaze.

Navamita Mukherjee of HSI-India claimed the response was great in Delhi as well as Noida where a lot of people turned up to take part in the rally.

HSI-India along with IUFA has been urging the government to replace the existing Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 with the much-delayed new animal welfare bill.

"It gives us immense hope to see people taking up the issue of animal cruelty with seriousness and urgency.

"Nevertheless, the incidents of animal abuse have continued to increase because the law has failed to punish the culprits adequately and deter others," N G Jayasimha, Managing Director of HSI-India said while urging the government to guarantee stronger laws for animals.

HSI-India in partnership with People for Animals has launched the #NoMore50 campaign that calls for higher penalties for animal cruelty. The present penalty stands at a maximum of Rs.50.