Bolangir, 16 July
As Police are trying to piece together the facts leading to the gruesome murder of five members of a family, Thappapali  village has come to a stand still and the fate of 18 children and five women from the murdered family hang in uncertainty.                                                                                                        
"Till yesterday everything was normal, but today our family is on the road,  I have no clue of what I should and how I will sustain the family as Im the only adult male left in the family’’ said Karuna Thappa who is yet to recover from the shocking clash in which his four elder brothers Jagadish, Madrasi, Kunu, Kapila and father Ramel Thappa were killed.
Incidentally Karuna Thappa escaped as he was sick and had not gone to the paddy field on that fateful day.                                                                                                  The bloodbath has also left children of the assailant Majhi family staring at a grim future.
As many as 19 children of the Majhi family too  are left without elders to take care of them because the elders are either absconding or have been arrested by the police. 
There is none to feed, to comb their hair, make their bed ready as six women of their family along with one male member are in jail, three are under treatment in hospital following injuries sustained during the clash on Sunday.  Five other memebers of the family are absconding to evade arrest in the case.
The village looks terror struck due to the fear of arrest or being made a witness.
Policemen move around the village searching for the accused persons. Meanwhile investigations  reveal that the land on which this murder took place is  government land over which both families ~ the Majhis and the Thappa&’s were fighting since long.
There is a  political angle to it as Ekadashi Majhi of the Majhi clan was murdered a day before last panchayat elections allegedly by a member of the Thappa family.