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Arab committee to monitor ‘Israel’s violations’ in Jerusalem

IANS | Cairo |

The Arab Permanent Committee on Human Rights decided on Wednesday to form a committee to monitor the "Israeli violations" in East Jerusalem, Egyptian state-run MENA news agency said.

This decision came in the committee's recommendations at the end of its three-day 42th session, Xinahu reported.

The committee asserted that Israel is an apartheid state that enjoys no sovereignty over East Jerusalem or the Palestinian occupied land.

The Committee also stressed that Secretary-General of the United Nations should be informed to oblige Israel to respect the provisions of international humanitarian and human rights law.

Regarding the Arab prisoners in Israel, the committee asked International Criminal Court to launch an urgent probe into the Israeli crimes and violations towards the Arab prisoners.

On July 14, three Arab-Israeli gunmen opened fire at two Israeli policemen and shot them dead, while police forces fired back at the gunmen and killed them.

The attack took place at the yard of Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Muslims' third holiest site.

After the attack, Israel closed the mosque and later installed electronic gates and cameras at the entrances to the mosque. 

The action provoked protests by the Muslims who refused to enter the mosque through these gates.