At least nine people were killed and many injured in two shootings in the western German city of Hanau on Wednesday, according to the local police.

Taking to Twitter, police said that the “alleged perpetrator” was found “lifeless” at his home in Hanau, and special police officers also found another body there.

The shots were fired at two different locations in Hanau around 10 pm local time. A dark-coloured vehicle fled the first crime scene, police said.

A large-scale search for the perpetrators is underway, police further added.

The first attack occurred at the “Midnight” bar in the centre of the city around 10 pm (2100 GMT), police and reports said.

Witnesses reported hearing a dozen shots, local media said.

The attackers, then fled the scene by car, according to police. There was then a second shooting at Arena Bar.

According to local media reports, three people were killed in front of the first bar and five in front of the second.

Last week, at least one person was dead and three others injured in a shooting outside a Berlin music venue

Hanau is about 20 km east of Frankfurt, with a population of about 1,00,000.

In 2017, two persons, including the gunman, were killed during a shootout at a nightclub in the German city of Constance.

Last year, in October, several shots were fired in the eastern German city of Halle that left two people dead as the suspected assailants fled, according to the police.

One of the killings took place near a synagogue, while a witness reported seeing a gunman fire into a kebab shop.

Synagogues are often protected by police in Germany. Police in two other cities in eastern Germany, Dresden and Leipzig, stepped up security at synagogues there after the shooting in Halle.

Berlin has one of the highest numbers of killings per person among European capitals.

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