At least three people were killed due to typhoon Lingling, the 13th storm to hit South Korea this year which also led to the cancellation of hundreds of flights and power outages that affected some 160,000 homes, according to authorities said on Sunday.

Authorities said that a woman in her 70s died in the town of Boryeong after being knocked down by winds of more than 140 km per hour, Efe news reported.

In Incheon, west of Seoul, a man died after a wall collapsed on him, and in Paju, north of the capital, another person was killed when he was struck by the panel of a roof that dislodged in the wind.

More than 400 flights were cancelled at various airports in the country due to the typhoon that made landfall on Saturday, which also left some 160,000 homes in the dark.

The typhoon passed along the nation’s coast on Saturday, toppling trees and grounding planes before the storm system made landfall in North Korea.

​South Korea’s government said that at least eight people are being treated for injuries.

Ten cars were damaged in the southern town of Namwon when a roof plate blew off an apartment building and crashed into a parking lot and a similar incident in the eastern city of Wonju left five vehicles destroyed.

Lingling was the most powerful typhoon to hit the Korean Peninsula since the Bolaven, which in 2012 left 15 dead in South Korea and caused damages of more than $500 million.