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Cairo, 3 September
Fifty-six members of Muslim Brotherhood were today sentenced, including 11 to life imprisonment, by an Egyptian military court on charges of acts of “aggression” against the army in Suez city last month.
In the first such sentencing since the ouster of former president Mohammed Mursi on 3 July, the Suez military court sentenced 11 Islamists to 25 years in jail, while 45 others were given five years. Eight others were acquitted.
The Islamists were accused of assaulting army troops, burning military vehicles, throwing Molotov cocktails and attacking churches in Suez governorate following the August 14 military crackdown on pro-Mursi sit-ins in Cairo and Giza.
The court started the trial of 64 Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters of ousted President Mursi today, state media reported. The military trial was held at Agroud, on the Suez-Cairo highway.
The military prosecutor accused defendants of incitement, aiding and abetting the killing of citizens, burning down three churches in Suez and setting ablaze Third Field Army armoured vehicles, as well as attacking public facilities and spreading chaos.
Clashes were reported in Suez between supporters and opponents of Mr Mursi after the military carried out a deadly crackdown on 14 August in the Cairo’s Rabaa al-Adawiya and Nahda Squares, killing hundreds. It was the deadliest such crackdown in Egypt’s recent history.
Brotherhood’s supreme guide Mohamed Badie has also been arrested, while Mr Mursi has been in custody since his ouster.

Egypt bans channels: An Egyptian court today ordered the closure of four television channels, including Al-Jazeera’s local affiliate and one run by the Muslim Brotherhood, accusing them of being sympathetic to deposed President Mohammed Mursi.
The administrative court also banned news channel Ahrar 25, a network belonging to the Brotherhood, and two other Islamist broadcasters – Al-Yarmuk and Al-Quds.